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When you are looking for dramatic, attractive water features, you can’t go wrong with waterfalls from our experts here at FWG Designs, LLC! Our waterfalls are not only well-constructed, but they are also attractive, award-winning waterfalls. Among our many accolades as an established water feature company, we are proud that we have won a first-place waterfall award from the I.P.P.C.A. (International Professional Pond Companies Association). If you are looking for a waterfall, big or small, to distinguish and improve the look of your property, then we at FWG Designs have a variety of waterfalls for you.

One of the types of waterfalls we can install is a pondless waterfall. Pondless waterfalls, also referred to as no-pond waterfalls, require the least maintenance of all water feature construction projects. These waterfalls have an underground water basin and pump, making maintenance a breeze and allowing more time for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of cascading water. Our pondless waterfall construction designs can include options such as built-in landscape planters and multiple spillways at varying elevations to create a symphony of sounds. Add underwater lights to create dancing lights, and the effect is complete! In addition to our pondless waterfalls we also build natural or contemporary pool waterfalls, fire features with waterfalls, and just about anything you desire that incorporates moving water.  Our design team can help you achieve the water feature of your dreams. If you are looking to incorporate backyard waterfalls into your landscape design or have a larger commercial waterfall in mind, talk to us here at FWG Designs today!

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